oes1: openwbem (owcimomd) doesn't start after applying patch-11949

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  • 26-Nov-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 1 Support Pack 2
Linux User Management (LUM)


After patching Novell Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2, openwbem (owcimomd) stops working within a minute.
In /var/log/messages an ERROR: openwbem: nds_nss_GetPwdbyName(): invalid parameter - name is null or an empty string is logged.

This issue is caused by patch-11949 (novell-lum-

Because of this, certain Novell iManager pages like Novell Storage Management (NSS) and Novell Cluster Management are not able to work.


The current workaround for this issue is to downgrade novell-lum to version as follows:
  1. Obtain novell-lum- either directly from patch-11468 or fromhttps://download.novell.com/(SelectOpen Enterprise Server,ClickSearch, Click tab Linux Patches, Select second search result page)
  2. Install this RPM package with the --force argument:
    rpm -ivh --force novell-lum-
  3. Now remove the newer version:
    rpm -e novell-lum-
    NAMCD should automatically restart
  4. Start OpenWBEM:
    rcowcimomd start
  5. Check the status of OpenWBEM after some time with:
    rcowcimomd status
    OpenWBEM should run fine now.


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

There can be an issue with starting the downgraded version of NAMCD. To fix this the NAM certificate needs to be updated:

First make a backup of the current certificate file "/var/nam/..der" (note the leading period)

Then update the LUM certificate:
namconfig -k

Now restart NAMCD and it should work:
rcnamcd restart

Start OpenWBEM and check if it stays running:
rcowcimomd start
and after a while,
rcowcimomd status