ZENworks Endpoint Security Management server application Error Event ID "10016” in your event viewer

  • 3276459
  • 14-Nov-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 3.5
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
Microsoft IIS 6.0


On a ZESM server in the application log you receive Error Event ID"10016” for "DCOM” on"IIS WAMREG admin Service” in your event viewer.
If you receive this error your ZESM (ZENworks Endpoint Security Managament) server will not run correctly using IIS (webserver).
Default Windows 2003 (R1 and R2) settings do not allow permissions for calling the DCOM component which is responsible for configuring IIS. IIS is a necessary componant for ZESM to run in managed version.


Correction of issue:

  1. Note that you can tie together the appid with the application name at "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AppID
  2. Go to MMC and add the"Component Services” snap in
  3. Expand "Component Services”, "Computers”, "My Computer”
  4. Open "DCOM Config”, and locate the "IIS WAMREG admin Service”
  5. Right click on "IIS WAMREG admin Service” and select "Properties”
  6. Go to the "Security” tab. Go to the "Launch and Activation Permissions” section, change the radio button to "Customize”, then click the "edit” button
  7. On the "Launch Permission” window, click the "add” button. Make sure the location is set to the local computer. In the "Enter the object names to select…” type in "Network Service”, then click "Check Names”, then click "OK”
  8. At the "Launch Permission” window, make sure the newly added "Network Service” is highlighted and click the box for "Local Activation”, then click"OK”
  9. At the service properties window, click "OK”