SYS volume running out of disk space for no apparent reason

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  • 21-Feb-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise WebAccess
Novell NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 5 or later


Running Novell GroupWise WebAccess using Apache the customer noted that the available disk space on his SYS volume decreased steadily over time.

Looking at the SYS:/APACHE/LOGS directory a large number of log files all 5MB in size could be seen.

With the Novell GroupWise WebAccess running on the server a lot of information were being written to the Apache logs and when a log file reaches 5MB a new log file was being created. These access logs were accumulating in the SYS:/APACHE/LOGS directory on the server and was using around 700MB of disk space.


Deleted the old access logs in the SYS:/APACHE/LOGS directory.

Access logging, which records client access to the Web server, is enabled on Apache by default. If your Web server experiences a high traffic volume, you should consider either disabling it or configuring it so that the log files cannot grow larger than your server's hard drive capacity.

By default Apache is configured to rotate its log files after a file reaches 5MB in size but the Archive options for the log files is however by default not enabled.

Using the Apache Manager enable the Archiving option by doing the following:
1. Access the manager using the following URL https://server_ip or DNS name:2200/apacheadmin.
2. Select the "Server Logs" option from the top menu bar.
3. Select the "Log Preferences" option in the left frame.
4. Change the "Activate" option form the default "No" to "Yes" for the "Archive logs" option.
5. Select the preferred "Archive management" option for your environment.

In this case the customer chose to have log files deleted and to only ever keep a maximum of 5 log files.