ConsoleOne 1.3.6 will not install on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10

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  • 07-Jul-2006
  • 10-Jun-2013


Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10
Novell ConsoleOne 1.3.6


When trying to install ConsoleOne 1.3.6e on a default installation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 an error will be thrown indicating a conflict between packages already on the system and those being installed.


The ConsoleOne RPMs can be forced currently with the --nodeps options during a manual installation.  The two RPMs, NLDAPsdk-8.7.3-34 and NLDAPbase-8.7.3-34, would be installed with the following commands (be sure to run these from the same path where the RPMs are stored):

rpm -Uvh --nodeps ./NLDAPsdk-8.7.3-34.i386.rpm
rpm -Uvh --nodeps ./NLDAPbase-8.7.3-34.i386.rpm

Once those two are installed manually proceed with the regular ConsoleOne installation.  This is resolved in the 1.3.6h version of ConsoleOne

This is slated to be fixed in ConsoleOne 1.3.6f.