Unable to expand the folders. The set of folders could not be opened.

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  • 02-Aug-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise Connector for Microsoft Exchange


Error: "Unable to expand folders. The set of folders could not be opened"
Error occurs when selecting GroupWise Proxy Message Store in Outlook
Rights granted through the Outlook Connector | Tools | Options | Delegate | Permissions


GroupWise Proxy and Outlook Delegate do not map directly as the concepts are somewhat different. At the basic level Delegate in Outlook allows the delegate to send mail in behalf of the user granting the permissions. It doesn't allow the delegate to see the mailbox items of the delegator. There is no equivalent of this option in the native GroupWise client, though the feature is available in the Outlook Connector.

On the same page (Tools | Options | Delegate | Permissions) it is possible to grant rights to different items. Where theGroupWise and Outlook concepts differ is that GroupWise grants rights to item types and Outlook grants rights to folders. When a user of the Outlook Connector grants rights in this page the folder gets shared instead of granting GroupWise proxy rights. In the background the folder is automatically accepted, but the sharee must modify their MAPI account profile to see the folder:
1. In Outlook go to Tools | E-Mail Accounts... | View or Change an existing account
2. Highlight the account and select Change

3. Select More Settings...

4. On the Mailboxes tab add the sharers account name in the Shared Folders section

The folder will now appear under the other folders in Outlook: