"Forward as Attachment" from GW client shows original message in body, not as attachment

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  • 22-Feb-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


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Forward as Attachment shows original message inline, not as attachment when sent to an internet user

If you use the "Forward as Attachment" feature of the GroupWise 7.0.X client to
forward a message to an Internet user but do NOT add any text into the new message body,
when the message is received by the other email system (and viewed in
Thunderbird or another email client), the original message appears in the
message body rather than rather than as an attachment.


This is working as designed.

When the person who forwards the message (using "Forward as Attachment") does not add additional text, the GroupWise Internet Agent includes the original message as a MIME body part called content-type: message/rfc822. This designates it as a embedded message and the recipient's client may choose to display that in the body if there is no message text in the text/plain body part.

GWIA is formatting the message according to the RFC and the receiving client may choose to display the original message as part of the forwarded message body OR as an attachment.