Upgrade of ZFS 3.02 database to ZSM 6.5 fails

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  • 04-Apr-2007
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks for Servers 3.0.2 - ZfS3.0.2 Tiered Electronic Distribution (TED)
Novell ZENworks 6.5 Server Management Support Pack 2 - ZSM6.5 SP2 Tiered Electronic Distribution (TED)
In this situation, it is only a Distributor with a Database for TED logging. There is no inventory involved.


When upgrading from ZFS3.02 to ZSM65, it was noticed in one case that the GUI upgrade does not update the Sybase module DBSRV7.NLM to the ZSM version DVSRV8.NLM. The PDS upgrade only updates the eDir objects of the Dist/Subscriber and the associated JAR files.


The following steps needed to be followed to get the Database object and files in the ZENWORKS\DBengine directory updated.

For the ZSM Database on the Distributor that hosts the Database.

1) Run the Winsetup.exe from the ZSM 6.5 install CD.
2) From the Server Management menu, select Policy-Enabled Server Management.
3) Accept the license agreement and select next.
4) With "New Installation" highlighted, click next.
5) With all 3 options selected, click next.
6) For tree, select the correct tree. Click next.
7) De-select local machine. Click add servers, and browse to your Distributor. Say Ok.
8) Expand the plus box next to ZENworks Policy-Enabled Management Services. De-select Inventory and Remote management.
9) Click on Additional Options. Select Server Management Database. You will get a text box saying it is already installed. Click OK. Then click next.
10)The install will point to the volume where you have TED running. It will also create the ZSM database object in the container where the Distributor resides.
11)Click finish at the Installation Summary screen.

What this will do is update the ZENworks\DBEngine directory with the new update ZSM files. The existing ZFS database object in the directory will be recreated with the ZSM 6.5 name of Server Management Database_Server_Name.

The old previous existing 3.02 ZFS Database eDirectory object can then be deleted.