Alias Agent does not server all containers.

  • 3242266
  • 13-Dec-2006
  • 16-Mar-2012


Novell NetMail 3.1
Novell NetMail 3.52
Few Messaging Servers in the same eDirectory tree serving each separate containers.
Only one Alias Agent configured to serve all Messaging Servers.


Alias Agent stopped working at all, does not populate Internet Email Address attribute nor Internet mails are accepted.
Alias Agent works only partly for several containers.


If one Alias Agent shall serve several Messaging Servers, it must have defined in Queue Server and Monitored Queues each NMAP Agent. In the 3.52 version there is a problem with web admin interface - Queue Server tab. It is not able to select all NMAP Agents but one only. This causes Alias Agent works only for containers served by a selected NMAP Agent. Use ConsoleOne to add NMAP Agents:
  • Start ConsoleOne and view properties of Alias Agent even without proper snapins.
  • Go in Other tab
  • Expand Novonyx:NMAP Server. There might be one or more NMAP agents visible. Click on Add and add all NMAP Agents from your eDirectory tree
  • Repeat the same step with the Queue attribute