Unable to access the GroupWise Mailbox if the password contains the dash(-) character

  • 3237567
  • 15-Sep-2006
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 6.5.x
Novell GroupWise 7.0.x
Novell ConsoleOne 1.3.6e
Novell GroupWise Administration Snapin 7.0.x for ConsoleOne
Novell GroupWise Client 6.5.x for Windows


Cannot access Mailbox using GroupWise Client 6.5.x

Error: Invalid Password [D109] is reported on POA console


The GroupWise Domain has been upgraded to the version 7.0.x while the Post Office is still on version 6.5.x

Due to the upgrade occoured on the GroupWise Domain, only GroupWise Administrator Snapins version 7.0.x have to be used to administer the system, as reported in the documentation
Administrator has recently changed the user mailbox password using ConsoleOne with the GroupWise Administration Snapins version 7.0.x

The new password specified from the Administrator contains a dash(-) character and the user is trying to acess his mailbox using GroupWise client version 6.5.x.


None, the issue has been reported to Engineering, however will not be fixed in GroupWise 6.5.

Please note that this happens only using Consoleone snapins 7.0.x to make the password change, and GroupWise client 6.5.x to access the mailbox.

Workaround: Change again the mailbox password using ConsoleOne and specifying a password that does not contain a dash(-) charater, or clear the user password (if the system allows to access GroupWise mailboxes without a password)
Let the user login to his mailbox and change his password as desired, even using dash(-) if needed.

Once the GroupWise Post Office will be upgraded to version 7.0.x as well, this issue will not be present anymore.

Additional Information

Dash(-) is a valid character to be used in the GroupWise mailbox password, however a problem between the Administrator Snapin version 7.0.x and the part of the system still on version 6.5.x cause this issue to occour.

This issue does not affect GroupWise 7.x mailboxes.