Increasing Soap Threads

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  • 07-Nov-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7.0x


Soap threads peg and everything slows down. System is at 100% utilization. Under the properties of the POA, Max SOAP Threads is set to 20, but can't do more. Documentation under the Help button and the POA Startup File say that it is possible to raise the thread count to 99, but it would seem that it is impossible to raise above 20.


This has been fixed for GroupWise 8.

It was found that having a thread count of 99 was causing problems and it was resolved to set the maximum thread count to 20. This change is enforced in GroupWise 7.01.

Correct documentation is found at under 36.2.4 Supporting SOAP Clients.

Max SOAP Threads: Specify the maximum number of SOAP threads you want the POA
to start. The default maximum number of SOAP threads is 20. You can set a lower
SOAP thread maximum to conserve resources for other processes, but you cannot
set the maximum above 20. You might want to lower the maximum number of SOAP
threads if SOAP processing is monopolizing system resources that you would
prefer to have available for other processes. However, insufficient SOAP
threads can cause slow response for SOAP client users.

Additional Information

For NetWare boxes try setting the maximum wait states to a number other then 0 as that allows for infinite connections in a wait state. Some engineers have recommended 5, but that may depend upon the number of users and Post Offices that are being used. The command in NetWare is: Set Maximum Wait States = 5 or however many are needed.