Is there any way to restore deleted mail from a live system if no backups exist?

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  • 27-Jul-2007
  • 31-May-2012


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Is there any way to restore deleted mail if there is no backup of the Post office?
User lost mail, appointments, tasks, etc.
Administrator ran several options of database maintenance
As last resort, "Recreate User Database" was run... No mail was found for this user.


In Mailbox Maintenance, the option "Recreate User Database" creates a new and empty user account, then search through all message databases for ANY mail that belongs to this user. The results will be stored in a single folder in the File cabinet (this is also why this is a last resort option). If no mail is found, there is no other method to restore this users mail. Besides having users resend mail to this person, this is your last option.

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