fetchd / "Fetch Mail" no longer works after online update

  • 3233172
  • 07-Aug-2006
  • 16-Mar-2012


Novell SUSE Linux Openexchange Server 4.1


After updating the system via YOU the service FETCHD no longers works.

Error message while booting: ERROR:
Ciphertext does not begin with a valid header for 'salt' header
mode at /usr/sbin/fetchd.pl line 473

Error message on the webinterface while activation the function "Fetch Mail" as usercyrus
ERROR:connect: Connection refused

The problem is caused by the packageperl-Crypt-CBC-2.17-8


As a workaround,install the older package versionperl-Crypt-CBC-2.07-100.i586.rpmfrom the original SLOX CD.


Reported to Engineering