Deleting a file in WebDAV creates an entry "no title" in ICEcore

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  • 24-Mar-2008
  • 30-Apr-2012


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Deleting a file in WebDAV creates an entry "no title" in ICEcore


This is Working as Designed. Reported to Engineering to allow automatic deletion of "no title" entry.


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

In ICEcore an entry is not necessarily the same as the file it contains. From the view point of files, an entry is like a semi-container that can contain any number of files.

When user drags a file into ICEcore through WebDAV, the system checks to see if there is an entry that represents the file with the same name. If yes, it updates the entry with the new content of the file. If no, it creates a new entry with the file. This is the basic protocol when accessing the files through WebDAV.
However, when the same files and the entries are manipulated through ICEcore UI, there are more capabilities at the user's disposal. For example, a thread of discussions on the entry can be created, some workflow can be done, or even additional files to the same entry can be attached.
Now, when user deletes a file through WebDAV, the enclosing entry should not go away just because one of the files it represent happens to have been deleted from the system. In other word, since the entry may contain additional useful information (value added), it was a design decision that the entry's lifecycle should be maintained independently of the file(s) it represent.
When manipulating files through WebDAV, the corresponding entry's title is set to the name of the file. When deleting a file, entry's title changes to -no title- so that the title namespace can be reclaimed. This way, if the user decides to subsequently re-create the same file in ICEcore, the new entry can have the proper title. Those entries with -no title- can be deleted through ICEcore UI but not through WebDAV.

Steps to Duplicate
1. Login to Teaming
2. Click My Workspace
3. Click File Folder on the left
4. Click Folder View | WebDAV File Directory
5. Copy a text file named 123.txt
6. Now refresh the portal and 123.txt file should be there
7. Now delete 123.txt from the WebDAV
8. Now refresh the portal. 123.txt will be gone, but an entry for"no title" is there