Error: "Could not find the ZENWorks Installation Source"

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  • 08-Feb-2007
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Desktop Management 7 Support Pack 1- ZDM7 SP1 HP2


Error:"Could not find the ZENWorks Installation Source. Activating manual setup program"
message from debug screen: "tftp error: timeout"
The ZENWorks Imaging Engine could not be fully downloaded to the workstation


This seems to be a timing issue. To make sure that Linuxrc will wait after initializing the network card, until the Imaging Engine is fully downloaded to the Workstation you have to configure the z_*.cmd files from sys:\tftp\cmds with the „netwait" Kernel parameter.

Edit z_auto.cmd File and add „netwait=7" after the default Kernel Parameters

KERNEL boot/linux
APPEND initrd=boot/initrd vga=0x314 install=tftp://$TFTPIP/boot rootimage=/root PROXYADDR=$PROXYADDR TFTPIP=$TFTPIP splash=silent PXEBOOT=YES mode=2 netwait=7

Additional Information

This issue does only occur in busy network environments