GroupWise Distribution list participation field ignored on incoming mail thru the GWIA

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  • 10-May-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


If an internet user (External GroupWise, Notes, telnet, etc.) sends a message to a
GroupWise distribution list name on the BC: line, the GroupWise
recipient opens the message and sees their name listed as a BC: recipient. The
GroupWise distribution list has the users in the TO: line or CC: line

So the question is what takes priority or precedence, the sending client
choosing to send to a distribution list name on the BC: field or the GroupWise
distribution list participation fields (TO: CC: or BC: ) ?

Defect or working as designed ?

Steps to duplicate:
1. Have a GW 7 SP2 system functional with a working GWIA. Also have a
GroupWise distribution list configured with internal GW users in it. Have for
example, USER1 set to a TO: line participation. Have USER2 set to a CC: line

2. Have a /group switch active for the GWIA in the gwia.cfg file. So that the
GWIA will accept an inbound message to the distribution list name rather than
just the user name.

3. In most any email client, send a message to , for example, with this on the BC: field.
Have some other GroupWise user on the TO: line.

4. When the message hits your GWIA and gets delivered to your mailbox and you
open the messsage, as the USER1 or USER2 user, you will see that this user is
listed as a BC: user.


It was determined by GroupWise development that this is working as designed. The TO: , CC: or BC: field in the sending client takes precedence over the participation field assigned to the user as a member of the GroupWise distribution list.