'ACL: ** WARNING ** : URL, too long' messages displayed on iChain 2.3 server console

  • 3219750
  • 15-Nov-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iChain 2.3 Support Pack 4
ic23sp4ir1a.exe applied
Secured protected resource configured
Access control text based logging enabled (enabled by default)


iChain 2.3 setup with numerous secure protected resources, implying authentication and access control required for these resources. Periodically, the iChain server console would display either of the following messages when users accessed these resources:

- ACL: ** WARNING ** : URL, too long
- ACL: ** WARNING ** : Destination Host, too long
- ACL: ** WARNING ** : Source Host, too long


Cosmetic warning for administrators and can be ignored. Turning off access control logging will also prevent the error being displayed at the server console.

Additional Information

When logging the access control information, we allocate a 4k buffer for each log entry. This 4k needs to handle all information about the request e.g. username information, IP address information, source and destination host information, matches, URLs, etc. To make sure that all the information is handled within this buffer, we limit the URL field entry, as well as the source and destination Host field entries.

If the Hosts DNS name is greater than 256 bytes, we will display the first 256 bytes and display the HOST WARNINGs above.
If the URL size is greater than 512 bytes, we will log the first 512 bytes and display the URL WARNING message above.