Support for ZENworks on eDirectory 8.8

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  • 25-Feb-2008
  • 16-Mar-2012


Novell eDirectory 8.8.2
Novell eDirectory 8.8
Novell eDirectory 8.8 for All Platforms
Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management - ZfD7
Novell ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management - ZfD6.5
Novell ZENworks for Desktops 4.0.1 - ZfD4.0.1
Novell ZENworks 7 Server Management - ZfH7
Novell ZENworks 6.5 Server Management - ZfS65
Novell ZENworks for Servers 3.0.2 - ZfS302
Novell ZENworks 7 Handheld Management - ZfH7


Support for ZENworks on eDirectory 8.8x
Does ZENworks work with eDirectory 8.8x?
Supportability of ZENworks and eDirectory 8.8x


ZENworks 7 SP1 has not been tested on eDirectory 8.8.2
ZENworks 7x Linux Management has not been tested on eDirectory 8.8.
ZDML7 SP1 IR2 which is released with Suite Release 3 has been tested with EDIR 8.8.2.
If there are any EDIR 8.8.2 specific issues found with the latest version of ZDM 7x, Novell is dedicated to fixing those issues.

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