Old Names not cleaned up with sync process thru GroupWise Gateway for Microsoft Exchange 7

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  • 12-Jul-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise Gateway - 7 SP2 Gateway for MS Exchange
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition


When you rename a GroupWise user in ConsoleOne, as in the case of a marriage,
for example, Jane Smith (JSmith is netware loginid and gWMailboxID) gets
renamed to Jane Johnson in the GroupWise System view to (JJohnson netware
LoginID and gWMailboxID), after the name sync's thru the GroupWise Exchange
Gateway 7 the old name is not cleaned up, so now you have 2 names for this user
in the Exchange Address book.

Steps to Duplicate:

1. Have a functional GroupWise 7 Sp2 system linked to Microsoft Exchange 2003
via the GroupWise Exchange Gateway 7 SP2.

2. Hilite a Post Office in the GW System view in ConsoleOne, right click, New,
User, Select eDirectory Container for the user, fill in the Name and Surname for the user. Let say it is :

Name = JDavis (First name = Jule)
Surname = Davis

3. Be sure to put the Given Name of "Jule" on the Properties of this JDavis
user, General tab, Identification. Or only the Last Name will show in the Exchange address book.

3. You will see this on the Exchange Gateway screen as:

08:46:39 0 DSOUT: Completed: Updating User D1.P1.JDavis
08:50:09 0 DSOUT: Completed: Updating User D1.P1.JDavis // because of the addition of the Given Name.

4. If you go into an existing Exchange mailbox in Microsoft Outlook, Tools,
Address Book, you will see the "Jule Davis" user listed.

5. Now go back to ConsoleOne and in the GW System view, hilite the "JDavis
user, select RENAME, and type in JJones, because her last name changed to Jones because of marriage.

08:57:09 0 DSOUT: Completed: Updating User D1.P1.JDavis // because of GW user Rename

6. Be sure to change the Last Name of "Jule" on the Properties of the now JJones user, General tab, Identification, to Jones.

08:59:49 0 DSOUT: Completed: Updating User D1.P1.JJones // because of the change of the Last Name to Jones

7. Now when you go back to the address book in outlook you will see both "Jule
Davis" and "Julie Jones" listed, so the old user never gets cleaned up. This is a major problem for this customer
as the have > 100 users a day having their names changed in their company

NOTE: The same problem occurs if you have a user called "BBailey" (Bill Bailey)
and change to GWMailBoxID of WBAiley and change the First Name to William
(William Bailey).


No current workaround other than to manually delete the old GroupWise user name that synch'd over, on the Microsoft Exchange side where the GroupWise users are listed. Either the GroupWise folder in Active Directory Users and Computers or under Computer Management, Local users and Groups, Users.

New Information: 06/19/2007:
This problem is fixed in the 6-14-2007 build of the GroupWise 7 Gateway for Microsoft Exchange. So the EXGATE.EXE should be 6-14-2007 or newer.


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