User does not inherit application definition through Corporate Redirection

  • 3212869
  • 13-Oct-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin 6.0
iManager plugins


Enable SecureLogin Corporate Redirection through iManager.
Users won't inherit Application Definitions through a Corporate Redirection that is set on their parent container using iManager.


The container object that has the Corporate Redirection set needs to be a trustee of the object that the Corporate Redirection is pointing to.

1. In iManager, in the left pane expand "Rights”
2. Select "Modify Trustee”
3. Select the object that is the target of the Corporate Redirection
4. Select "Add Trustee”
5. Add the container that has the Corporate Redirection set

Additional Information

Root Cause:
iManager does not automatically set the rights needed for the Corporate Redirection happen.
Steps to Duplicate:
1. Create two OU's (ou=applications.o=novell -and- ou=users.o=novell)
2. Create user (cn=nsl1.ou=users.o=novell)
3. Create application definition on ou=applications.o=novell
4. Set corp redirect on ou=users.o=novell pointing to ou=applications.o=novell
5. login with client, view application definitions, don't see the application from corp redir.
6. Add ou=users.o=novell as a trustee of ou=appplications.o=novell
7. Logout/in with client the application definition is now available.