Nessus Scan Abends NetWare 6.5 SP7 (Build 8.30) server running RCD.NLM

  • 3202152
  • 24-Sep-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5


When RCD.NLM was loaded the netware machine has gone to abend state and cores. Below is an example of the Core.dmp log:
P00# swCurrent EIP: BD268A81 RCD.NLM|IsLocalHost+66 BA36168C BD268428 RCD.NLM|conn_accept+165 BA36180C BD2E9E13 RCD.NLM|g_io_unix_dispatch+74 BA36183C BD2D31E5 RCD.NLM|g_main_dispatch+18C BA36188C BD2D41AF RCD.NLM|g_main_context_dispatch+5B BA3618AC BD2D459F RCD.NLM|g_main_context_iterate+3B0 BA36190C BD2D4CAE RCD.NLM|g_main_loop_run+2C6 BA36194C BD26E64E RCD.NLM|main+32FBA36199C BD24A040 RCD.NLM|_cstart_+40 BA3619BC 84410232 LIBC.NLM|PosixCStart+E2 BA3619D4 843EB848 LIBC.NLM|ThreadStartFunc+D8 BA3619E8 00223D88 SERVER.NLM|TcoNewSystemThreadEntryPoint+40(stack end) P00# .m rcdRCD.NLM Red Capert Daemon Build 050603:1145 Loaded from [SYS:\USR\SBIN\] [2E0] OS address space Version 2.04.06 June 3, 2005 Code Address: BD24A000h Length: 002F1358h Data Address: BCBA5000h Length: 000B1BC0h


The RCD.NLM is not loaded by default. If you have a script that is loading this, and you run a Nessus scan on your server, it may abend. To resolve this, do not load RCD.NLM. This is optional and is not used by any Novell processes.

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