Printer Driver features missing when installing as iPrint printer.

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  • 31-Oct-2006
  • 25-May-2012


Novell iPrint


Printer Driver features missing when installing as iPrint printer.
Some iPrint printer paper options missing with HP DesignJet 755CM/PS driver.
The "Effects" tab and some features on the "Finishing" tab of the Printing Preferences page for the HP 4700 and 3800 are missing.
Installing iPrint printer as a "User Printer" causes some of the paper size options to be missing.


With some drivers, applying the Microsoft patch identified in TID10070383causes the missing features to appear.

Workaround 1:

Upgrade the version of the iPrint Client to version 4.05 or higher and set AllowUserPrinters = 3.
a. Upgrade the workstation's iPrint Client to version 4.05 or higher.
b. Modify the iPrint.ini that comes with the newer version of the iPrint client found in SYS\Apache2\htdocs\ippdocs for NetWare 6.5 or SYS\Login\ippdocs for NetWare 6.0 and 5.1 to AllowUserPrinters = 3.

This change will cause the printers to be installed as Workstation printers, regardless of the permissions of the user logging into the Windows Workstation. Insufficient Windows permissions is the primary reasons administrators choose to install printers as iPrint User Printers. This feature gets around the need for iPrint User Printers.

Workaround 2:
Export a portion of the registry from a working Workstation Printer and import those settings to the non-working User Printer's registry:
a. Install the iPrint printer as a Workstation Printer on one machine.
b. Export the Forms registry folder under [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Print].
c. Push this registry information to other workstations via a login script, ZENworks, or some other method to all workstations that have this problem. Additionally, this registry information can be pushed to workstations before the printer is ever installed.
d. With the machine prepared this way, iPrint printers can now be installed as iPrint USER Printers.

Additional Information

This TID is referring to a general condition where some printer driver features are not present when installing the printer as an iPrint printer. Because this is a generic symptom, the fix may not resolve all cases. Test the fix and the workarounds to see which resolves the symptom in your case.

This TID also documents a specific set of features missing from the HP DesignJet 755CM/PS driver. Other drivers may suffer similar problems when being installed as an iPrint printer.

Cause of problems specifically with iPrint User Printers:
In general, the data put in the following Windows Registry location during printer installation is what causes the additional paper forms and other features to show:

When the printer is installed as a Workstation printer, this gets written to the HKLM hive. When the printer is installed as a User printer, this form information is not present.

iPrint User Printers write information to the User Hive of the registry, not the Workstation Hive (HKLM).

However, in some cases, features are missing when installing the printer as an iPrint Workstation printer in the HKLM as well. In these cases, the Fix statement listed below resolves the problem.
Steps to duplicate:
1. Add driver to broker from local XP CAB files - HP doesn’t provide this driver in the Post Script version on their site.
2. Change "AllowUserPrinters = 0" to "2" in the \LOGIN\IPPDOCS\ IPRINT.ini to only install user printers.
3. Install iPrint printer
4. In the properties of the printer, check the device settings | Form To Tray Assignment. This will have a dropdown box where only 4 options will be listed for the paper sizes. More options should be listed.

If the non post script driver is installed or if the iPrint printer is installed as a "Workstation Printer", then all paper options are available.

Formerly known as TID# 10092179