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  • 08-Jan-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Hardware - N/A
Netware 6.5 sp5
creating pools in imanager


Was trying to create pools in imanager. The error would appear when trying to save the new pool. They could create pools fine in nssmu.


The problem was the bogus info was coming back from the scsi inquiry command. This would show up in xml files that imanager uses to get information about the disk devices. Nssmu worked because it does not use any xml files. The corruption in the device name can be seen by doing a LIST DEVICES command at the console prompt. Garbage characters show up in the devices names:

list devices

0x0001: [V024-A0-D1:0] Legacy Floppy [FLOPPY]
0x0004: [V025-A1-D0:0] TEAC CD-532E-B f/w:2.1A [CD]
0x0005: [V370-A2-D0:0] MegaRAID LD0 RAID1 17365R f/w:D [HDD]
0x0006: [V370-A2-D1:0] MegaRAID LD1 RAID5 52095R f/w:D [HDD]
Right after the f/w: there is box. That is the corruption. This info was returned erroneously by the scsi inquiry command. This is most likely an issue with firmware on the hba/devices or a driver issue. Engeering modified a scsihd.cdm to ignore these non ascii characters when returned by the inquiry. This is only a workaround. This is not  a bug in Netware. They need to check with the vendor of the hba and devices for latest firmware and or known issues.
01/04/2007  06:09 PM            34,422 scsihd.cdm


Reported to Engineering