Installing Sentinel Oracle DB patch manually

  • 3195957
  • 17-Aug-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Solaris 9
Oracle Enterprise Edition


During a major patch upgrade, the Installer should prompt for the DB connection info.

If the DB patch installer does not run automatically in the Installshield installer it may be because the patch installer does not know that the Database was installed locally.
Possible reasons:
The original DB may be installed on another machine than the one being patched.
The pkg or vpd system InstallShield uses to keep track of what was installed got corrupt or was modified externally.


Steps to manually install the db patch:

Log in as the root user onto a machine that has sqlplus installed and has tnsnames.ora setup so it knows how to connect to the esecurity database. Do a tnsping (as the "oracle” user) to the Sentinel database from the machine running the db patch installer. Ideally, log into the database machine itself.
Change directories into the directory"PATCH_INSTALLER/sentinel/dbsetup/bin” on the CD.
Run the command: ./