Migration tool does not recognize some attributes if ldap mapping is not used

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  • 13-Jun-2007
  • 30-Apr-2012


ZENworks 10 Configuration Management - Beta


eDirectory 8.6 and earlier did not automatically map attributes with names containing colon or space to non-colon non-space format, example App:Flags to AppFlags.
With eDirectory 8.7 and later, if the legacy schema in use includes NDS names from ZENworks Starter Pack 1, some attribute mappings may appear to be missing since their X-NDS_NAME is set to space, not colon, for example "App Flags" instead of"App:Flags"
Ifthe schema contains mappings from ZENworks Starter Pack 1, or if the attributes are not automatically mapped, the symptom is as follows:
For non mandatory attributes, these will be missing from resultant bundle.
For mandatory attributes, Migrate will generate an error:
In Beta 3 ERROR:
Exception Thrown Input string was not in a correct format.
A more descriptive error should occur in later versions of the beta to distinguish the problem as a mapping error.


Using ConsoleOne or iManager, bring up the ldap group object for the eDirectory server from which you migrate. Under attribute mappings, map the following ldap names to NDS names:
appPath - App:Path
appIcon - App:Icon
appContacts - App:Contacts
appWorkingDirectory - App:Working Directory
appDriveMappings - App:Drive Mappings
appPrinterPorts - App:Printer Ports
appParameters - App:Parameters
appFlags - App:Flags
appStartupScript - App:Startup Script
appShutdownScript - App:Shutdown Script


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

The ZENworks Starter Pack 1.0 used, for example, "App Flags" instead of"App:Flags". To determine if this is what is happening, use a utility such as ldapsearch to dump the schema (ldapsearch -h serverDNS -s base -b cn=schema). Check the X-NDS_Name for the attributes listed above. If the X-NDS_NAME is set to "App Flags" instead of "App:Flags" you will need to add the mapping to the ldap group object.