Error 500 when attempting to login to ZAM Web Console

  • 3194450
  • 27-Jun-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 7.5 Asset Management - ZAM7.5
Oracle 9i
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Service Pack 2
ZAM 7 originally installed on C: drive
ZAM 7.5 installed on D: drive


Unable to load the ZAM 7.5 Web Console after upgrading from ZAM 7.
Browser returns and error 500 when attempting to load or authenticate to the ZAM Web Console.
Selecting the " Globe " icon in the ZAM Manager results in a error 500 when the browser to the Web Console starts.


The error 500 occurs because the ZAM 7.5 installation put the core ZAM files (rtrlet*.*) at D:\TOMCAT5\webapps, but the System Variables are pointing to C:\TOMCAT5.
To fix this problem, do the following:
  1. Stop the Tomcat Service.
  2. Copy the following files from D:\TOMCAT5\webapps to C:\TOMCAT5\webapps: Rtrlet.war, RtrletSetup.xml and Rtsetup.xml
  3. Change the System Variables to the location where the full installtion of Tomcat reside. To make this change, do the following:Start -> My Computer -> Properties of My Computer -> Advanced -> Environment Variables -> In the System Variables section, edit the instances of CATALINA_HOME and TOMCAT to point to the current installtion of Tomcat (in this instance, the C: drive).
  4. Start the Tomcat Service.
In this instance, the original installation of ZAM 7 installed a full installation of Tomcat to C:\TOMCAT5. When ZAM 7.5 was purchased, ZAM 7 was removed from Add/Remove Programs, but the Tomcat files remained in C:\TOMCAT5. The installation of ZAM 7.5 to the D: drive put the core ZAM files in D:\Program Files\Novell\AssetManagement, put some of the Tomcat files that ZAM relies on in the D:\TOMCAT5 folder, and changed the System Variables settings. Copying the files listed above and changing the System Variables to match the full installation of Tomcat (on the C: drive) resolves this problem.

Additional Information

It is useful to know the log files that ZAM uses with the Web Console. These log files are located in the full installation of Tomcat. In this instance:
In thisinstance, the ZAM Manager did not load as well. For details see 3783162 "Unable to login to ZAM 7.5 Manager or Web Console"