Identity Manager Remote Loader and Adding Heap on Windows

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  • 01-Oct-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager Nsure Identity Manager 2.0
Novell Identity Manager Remote Loader


When you have a large number of simultaneous updates to a custom database (5000 plus) you get a memory problem. This happens with the Nsure Identity Manager 2.0.1 Notes driver. The large number of updates makes the current Notes driver try to read in all changes and the Note shim runs out of memory.

DirXML Log Event -------------------

Driver = \MyO\test\DirXML Driver Set\NotesEmployeesProd

Thread = Publisher

Level = error

Message = Exception caused by PublicationShim query()


With the Identity Manager 3.0.1 shim you can circumvent this error by limiting the number of changes retrieved from NDSREP. However this is not available with IDM 2.


With IDM 2 you can try getting around the problem by increasing the memory in the JVM that the remote loader runs the shim in.
To change the Environment variables, please refer to the document NDK: Novell Identity Manager (DirXML) Driver Kit.