Mail not syncing to Device

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  • 27-Feb-2007
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise 7
GroupWise Mobile Server 7 Powered by Intellisync
Microsoft Windows 2003


WebPIM does not show new mail
New mail not shown when syncing device (phone)
Admin Console shows connection error on the Email Accelerator object under the management objects.
Older mail or no mail in the Webpim when logging in as user to Intellisync via the URL of the WebServer


To resolve the above connection error seen in the Admin Console:
Possible Solution # 1 (connection error exists and no new or no mail)
1) Go to Admin Console
2) right click Intellisync Mobile Suite object
3) Choose properties and then server names tab
4) Adjust server names as follows
Intellisync Mobile Suite Properties - Server Name tab

Specify the names of the servers used in your system. The names must be fully qualified.
Alternately using server IP addresses rather then DNS names for these settings.
Trouble shooting measures would include using IP addresses instead of DNS names for the servers in the server names tab.
Website Server Name. Type the name of the computer used as the Web site server. (This is typically an External address for either the GMS server or the Secure Gateway server if Secure gateway is installed.)
Sync Server Name. Type the name of the computer used as the synchronization server. (This is typically an External address for either the GMS server or the Secure Gateway server if Secure gateway is installed.)
Network Push Server. Enter the name of the computer used as the network or IP push server. If you change from one push server to another, the changes are distributed to the clients upon the next synchronization session. (This is typically an External address for either the GMS server or the Secure Gateway server if Secure gateway is installed.)
Port. Type the port number for the network push server. (default 3102)
Internal Server Name. Enter the name of the computer used as the internal server. (This is the only sever name setting where you will typically insert an Internal server IP or DNS host name.)
Insure if using DNS that the host names resolve to External and Internal IP addresses as needed.
Summary: In most configurations the first three server names fields will contain External server information where as the last contains an Internal server name.
After changing these setting restart the Intellisync server by choose servers from the Admin Console | right click the server object and choose to restart the server.
Possible Solution #2 (no new or no mail)
If no new mail noted in the Webpim reset the user as described below under the URL of Webserver/diag. This may take a few minutes to populate the WebPim with the new mail.
1) Go to the URL Webserver IP/diag
2) Choose email accelerator link
3) Choose All users link
4) Choose the user with the issue link
5) Choose the reset link to reset the user
Possible Solution # 3 (no new or no mail)
Remove and recreate server connection for the user. (* see note below for configuration of this setting)
1) log in to Webpim as the user
2) Choose setup | Account
3) On the Account page choose server connection and the server link (Novell GroupWise (user name)
4) Choose the "remove the server" button and submit button
5) Add the server back by going to the same server connection link as above
6) The server should already be listed in the server connections and should indicate a Green verified notice
7) Choose the submit button which will add the connection back.
Mail should now start populating in the webpim.
*Allow users to manually add/remove GroupWise server connections is not enabled by default. When you enable thisfeature, users can add or remove Novell GroupWise server connections.
To enable this setting:
1) Go to Admin Console for Intellisync
2) Choose Profile Settings
3) Choose Email Accelerator
4) Choose Novell GroupWise
5) Right click and go to properties of the default object under Novell GroupWise object.
5) on the User Tab choose "Allow users to manually add/remove GroupWise server connections." and click apply.
Possible Solutions # 4 (no new or no mail in the webpim all users.)
In some cases it has been noted that reinstall of GMS has resolved the issue when all users will not sync and no new mail is seen in the webpim. Reinstall GSM over the top of the current installation. As a precaution it is recommeded that you have a back up of the c:\program files\Intellisync Mobile suite directory.
In other cases it has been noted that a complete delete and resinstall was needed to correct the issue. See TID below on how to remove GMS.

TID 3862236 - Methods for removing GroupWise MobileServer

Additional Information

Trouble shooting information:
Is the mail in the WebPim?
New mail in the webpim indicates GMS is connection to sync with the post office. No new mail indicated that GMS is not syncing to the post office.
Do the Admin Console logs show connection errors and or helpful information?
In Admin Console Under the Management object | log | Server Activity, User Activity and Event logs are helpful and can assist in determining where the flow of communication is breaking down. This logs can be set to Verbose logging which will provide more detailed logs. To set this highlight the User, Server or Event object and choose the setting button.
Issuing a sync from the device can show you that the users device can come in from the INTERNET side and is noted in user activity logs.
Mail must be in the Webpim before it will go to the device, use the webpim to determine if GMS is able to communicate with the Post office by noting if new mail is synced to the webpim.
The Intellisynch client on the device is a good resource for trouble shooting and can provide information about the connections. Errors can be noted here. Go to programs | choose Intellisync client | menu | view | connection summary for connection logs. Under Connection history you can tell if the device is synced via a user initiated sync and the outcome as well as server side issued syncs. Bytes in and out as well as changes to the in box etc will provide helpful trouble shooting tools.
Logging in verbose or high level logging can provide more useful information in the logs of the GMS server. To enable this go to Webserver URL/diag page | choose Logging link and increase to desired setting to 10. These logs are found in the C:\Program Files\Intellisync Mobile Suite\log directory.
Verbose logging can also be set at the User level either in the /diag page | email accelerator | all users | the user or in the Admin Console | management | users | properties of the selected user.