Sentinel: When install Oracle, the CD-ROM will not eject.

  • 3188792
  • 17-Aug-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Solaris 9
Oracle Enterprise Edition


During an Oracle Enterprise Edition Installation from CD-ROM, on a Unix platform, whenever prompted by the installer to mount the second CD-ROM the following issue may be encountered:

- "Device busy" messages when attempting to unmount / eject the first cdrom of the product set, because on the session that started the installer the current working directory is the cdrom mount point.


Return to the session/window where the installer was launched.
Press the Return key once or twice to get the unix prompt.
Change directory to a location other than the cdrom mount point, for example 'cd /tmp'.
'umount' or 'eject' the 1st cd-rom.