Sentinel Content Pack installation fails with Dynamic List error

  • 3186278
  • 04-Feb-2008
  • 12-Jul-2013


Sentinel 6.0 SP2
Sentinel Solution Pack Manager


When trying to install a Solution Pack with the Sentinel Solution Pack Manager the following error occurs:

Error installing control controlName; Exception Error installing Correlation Rule ID: A1BABB21-A1A6-102A-9A49-005056C00008; Please first import associated Dynamic List: ;;


This happens when another Sentinel Solution Pack was already installed but had not been removed properly via the Sentinel Solution Pack Manager. If a Dynamic List was removed via the Sentinel Control Center (SCC) directly then the Solution Pack Manager will not find it though it thinks that component should still be there. When removing Solution Pack components be sure to use the Solution Pack Manager.

To work around this issue a new Dynamic List can be created in the SCC with the name specified in the error and the installer should continue past the error and complete successfully.


Reported to Engineering