A FreeBusy search from GroupWise on Exchange fails to return information.

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  • 13-Aug-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise Gateway - Gateway for MS Exchange
Microsoft Windows server 2003
Microsoft Exchange 2003


A Free/Busy search from GroupWise on Exchange fails to return information.


Open a gateway startup configuration file, gwexch.cfg, and enable the /addressrule switch. Put a syntax that reflects the Internet E-Mail address format set on Exchange site.
For instance:
Note, leave the rule options like they are, do not put there"real" values.
This is what the switch should look like, with brackets and everything
Example from a working gwexch.cfg file

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate:

1. Start AD Users & Computers tool and edit any Exchange user.
2. Check Account tab for logon name.
3. Go to General tab and change First Name / Last Name (Display Name) to any real names.

4. Start Exchange System manager and edit Recipients Policies - probably the Default or the one that has the highest priority in Exchange system.

5. In E-Mail Address tab create new SMTP. Configure it to use First.Last format (syntax is %g.%s@, like %g.%s@company.com). Set this new SMTP address as Primary (highlight it and click on "Set as Primary").Let it
modify existing users.

6. Verify your existing Exchange users that their default / primary email address is changed accordingly.

7. Login in any Exchange mailbox and create any appointment.

8. Start GW client, login in any GW mailbox and do a FB search on the Exchange mailbox from step 7. A result of a search will be"free" and in Exchange gateway log file you will see similar information:

08-10-07 14:54:05 3 Message 8: GWOUT: Processing Busy Search
08-10-07 14:54:05 3 Message 8: Filename-46bc7c0d.000 FileSize- 1.7KB
08-10-07 14:54:05 3 Message 8: Message ID-46BC60E4.468:94:43460
08-10-07 14:54:05 3 Message 8: From: dom1.po1.user1
08-10-07 14:54:05 3 Message 8: No FreeBusy information
08-10-07 14:54:05 3 Message 8: TO (Active): My Exchange Organization.First
Administrative Group.Exchange1 Completed
08-10-07 14:54:05 3 Message 8: Busy Search: Completed

9. Edit the startup configuration gateway file as suggested per"resolution" section and then restart the gateway. Repeat the FB search from GroupWise mailbox and the gateway now returns correct information from an Exchange.