How to Capture Messages at the GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA)

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  • 11-Jan-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA) 6.5
Novell GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA) 7


What are the steps to capture incoming or outgoing messages to or from the GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA)?


Steps to capture outgoing messages:
1. Unload the GroupWise Internet Agent
2. Open Console One and open the properties page of the GWIA object
3. Change the "Number of SMTP Send Threads" to zero (0)
4. Reload the GWIA
5. Set the GWIA log level to verbose and verify that the Send Threads are set to zero (0)
6. Send the message
7. Look in the GWIA log file. You will see something like the following:
21:18:27 37C MSG 1 File: SERVER_NAME/GW_VOLUME_NAME:\SEC\WPGATE\GWIA\wpcsout\gwi2f39\4\4754728C.750 Message Id: (47543D29.823:183:33340) Size: 359
21:18:27 37C MSG 1 Sender:
21:18:27 37C MSG 1 Converting message to MIME: SERVER_NAME/GROUPWISE_VOLUME_NAME:\SEC\WPGATE\GWIA\send\x75472a3.001
21:18:27 37C MSG 1 Recipient:
21:18:27 37C Switching link state to SENDING_ALLOWED.
21:18:27 37C MSG 1 Queuing message to daemon: SERVER_NAME/GROUPWISE_VOLUME_NAME:\SEC\WPGATE\GWIA\send\s75472a3.001
8. Note the name of the file ( in this case s75472a3.001)
9. Using your preferred file manager, browse to the GWIA directory.
10. The file (s75472a3.001 in this case) will be in this directory.