SMS Backup hangs Linux OES with all patches applied

  • 3180248
  • 12-Feb-2007
  • 16-Mar-2012


Linux OES
All patches applied from the OES channel
SMS backup running on Linux host backing up Linux cluster


The backup would hang with no errors during the backup of files to tape. If the smdrd daemon was unloaded and then reloaded with the following command: rcnovell-smdrd restart, the backup would start again where it left off. This workaround would have to be performed at different times during the backup, whenever the hang reoccurred. The type of tape software used did not make a difference as to the problem.


02/06/2007 11:26 AM 720,348 novell-sms-1.1.4-12.i586.rpm
This update will be put onto the OES channel. In the meantime, it's available from Novell support.