Unable to Edit Scan Directory Path on Inventory Service Object

  • 3178899
  • 07-Aug-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Desktop Management 6.5 - ZDM6.5
Novell ZENworks Desktop Management 7 - ZDM7


ZENworks installed into a Netware cluster environment with two or more nodes. When trying enter the ZENworks Inventory Service object created by the installation the following error is received:
ERROR:"Unable to read the existing shared directory. The Scan Directory path is not modified. Log is as administrator."
Steps to determine if this TID will address this problem:
1. Launch ConsoleOne and browse to a container that holds your NCP server object.
2. Right click on your NCP server object and select Properties.
3. You will find the NCP server Version attribute listed on the General - Identification Tab of the server properties.
4. Each member of the cluster should have a value of NWCS[DS] in the server Version field. If not please follow the section below on how to recover from this error.


Found that the DS attribute for the NCP server object version did not have correct value.
Steps to correct this issue:
1. Launch ConsoleOne and browse to the NCP server object in question
2. Right click on the NCP server object and select Properties
3. When inside the properties click the Page Options.. button in the bottom left hand corner of the properties window.
4. Within the Page Options window highlight the folder named General and click the Disable button on the right hand side of the screen.
5. Click OK to exit the Page Options Window
6. Click OK on the Property Book Configuration Change window
7. Click Cancel on the Properties of the NCP server object window to exit the properties
8. Once you have exited the properties screen reenter the NCP server object properties by right clicking and selection properties once again.
9. Notice that the general tab no longer appears (we've hidden the snap-in temporarily)
10. Select the Other tab
11. Expand the Version attribute
12. Double click on the field underneath version and change it to read"NWCS[DS]" (Only applicable for Novell Netware Clustered applications!)
13. Save you changes by clicking Apply on the bottom of the Properties screen
14. Select Page Options once again from the bottom left hand corner of the properties screen.
15. On the Page Options screen highlight the General folder the click on Enable
16. Click OK to close the Page Options screen
17. Click OK to close the Property Book Configuration Change window
18. Close the properties of the server object.
19. Reenter the properties of the server object by right-clicking the object and selecting properties
20. Ensure that the general tab now shows as normal. (If not follow steps 14-18 once again)
21. Open your Inventory Service object, you should now see the path and be able to make configuration changes to the Inventory Service object.

Additional Information

For similar issues that do not exist in clusters, please reference TID 10088029