How to perform object extensions for multiple users at once

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  • 07-Dec-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory
AUX Class
Object Extension

iManager 2.5
iManager 2.6


iManager does not currently have a solution to perform object extensions for multiple objects at once. An enhancment request has been submitted. This enhancement is currently being concidered and may be a feature in a version as early as iManager 2.7.

There is a Perl script that will allow administrators to perform object extensions for multiple objects.
Go to:

1) Have Perl installed
2) Have the Perl LDAP module installed
3) The Linux Desktop or server are easy platforms to configure perl on.

Example from a Linux desktop:
1) cd to the location of the
2) ./ -h -D cn=admin,ou=services,o=novell -w password -b o=novell -m add -a objectclass -v car-aux objectclass=user

Make sure to test this in a test environment first, and that aux classes are working correctly. [options]
-h host LDAP Server (required)
-D binddn bind DN (comma delimited)
-w passwd bind password
-b basedn base DN for search (container and below will add the specified aux class for all users)
-m mode one of add, del or rep (you will want to use add to add the aux class)
-a attr LDAP attribute to add, delete or replace (you would specify"objectclass")
-v value value for the attribute (specify the name of the auxclass)