Free/Busy search fails on GroupWise account.

  • 3170236
  • 21-Dec-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise Gateway - 7.x Gateway for MS Exchange
MS Windows 2003 server
MS Exchange 2003 sever


When doing Free/Busy search from Exchange mailbox on GroupWise user, there are "no available information" mentioned in a GroupWise account line.
Event viewer - Source: MSExchangeGWRtr: Error occurred when logging on Netware server. The system error code 1203. No network provider accepted the given network path.
There is a local, secondary GroupWise domain holding Novell Exchange gateway (GWEX) and runs on Exchange server.


From Event Viewer logs it is reported that GroupWise Router has a logon problems. Please, check following:
  • Start System Manager.
  • Find Connectors container (i.e. Administrative Groups | First Administrative Group | Routing Groups | First Routing Group).
  • Edit properties of "Connect for Novell GroupWise" - MS connector that you installed together with a Calendar connector as per the GWEX online documentation. In API Gateway Path use following syntax: \\\\\wpgate\. Example: \\myw2k\C$\gwdomain\wpgate\exchange. Insteaed of Netware Account use local Windows account that you use to run a service / use for logon on Windows server.
  • Repeat the same with GroupWise Connector.
  • Restart the Exchange Router for Novell GroupWise service, then also MS Exchange Connectivity Controller (this restarts also Calendar Connector).
  • Login in any Exchange mailbox and repeat a Free/Busy Search on a GroupWise mailbox. You shall not see anymore "no available information" line aside the GroupWise mailbox.