Quickfinder search fails to find documents when using authentication

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  • 12-Sep-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server (Linux based)


With Quickfinder authentication enabled, search results do not include all files the user has rights to.


If you do not see the files you think you should see after authentication, check the following:
The user must be LUM enabled (You do this through iManager - look for Linux User Management and enable the user object as a LUM user).
The server that is running QuickFinder has a Unix Workstation object. This object should be a member of the LUM enabled Group created for the user. Use iManager and view the group membership of the user object used to authenticate. Now edit the LUM group the user is a member of and add the Quickfinder servers Unix Workstation Object to the membership list.
By default QF handles rights "by Directory", which means the user must have read rights at the parent directory where the files are located.

Additional Information

Let's summarize the way QuickFinder handles rights and this may give us better understanding what is wrong. By default QF handles rights "by Directory", which means QF does not check rights for every file (by default). When a search is done, QF strips the filename and checks if the user has read rights to that directory. The result of that is then cached for the rest of the search query. Any other file from that directory will get the same result (has or has not rights to read). This is done to limit the number of times QF asks the OS if a user has rights to a file.

Checking rights by directory can be turned off. This will make QF ask if a user has read rights for every file. This is a bit slower but rights can be managed at a more granule level. In the QF admin on the left nav is "Security">"Check authorization by directory". Turn this option off.

To make a long story short, Is it possible that the "normal" users don't have read rights to the directory just to individual files and that is why you don't see the files in the results. Turn"Check authorization by directory" off and check the results?