Cannot enable user with &-character (ampersand) in name for iFolder.

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  • 31-Dec-2007
  • 28-Apr-2014


Novell iFolder 2.0
Novell iFolder 2.1
Novell NetWare 6


Cannot enable user with &-character (ampersand) in name for iFolder.
Cannot enable user with ampersand (&) in name for iFolder with web-based iFolder Management Utility.
Cannot enable users within containers that include an apersand (&) character in the container name.
modify object: No Such Object
distinguished name: cn=user,o=r (note: the full distinguished name is usually truncated due to the ampersand character)
objectClass: iFolderUser
attribute: iFolderServerName


Reported to engineering.

Additional Information

Steps for Duplication:
Open Console One.
Create new user with the login name "a&b”.
Open iFolder Management Utility/User Management/Search.
a&b user is present, but you can’t enable this user.
Potential work-around for containers:
Option 1 - Temporarily move the users on the affect OU to a container without an ampersand character, enable the user for iFolder and then move them back to the original OU. This will allow you to enable the user for iFolder; the user can also successfully login via the iFolder Client after moving them back to the OU containing the ampersand character. It would appear the only limitation with users in OUs containing '&' in the name is when actually managing the user objects (enabling/disabling the user, setting disk quotas, etc..)

Option 2- Enable the user's manually via Console One. Go to the 'Other' tab for each user object and implicitly add a new ObjectClass called 'iFolderUser' (without the quotes... please note the case on iFolderUser). Next, create the'iFolderServerName' attribute with either an'*' (asterisk) or'iFolder_Server01;' as the value (without the quotes... please note the case).

Formerly known as TID# 10084859