FFFDFFCC FFFDFFD7 FFFDFFFF migration from Netware 6.5 sp5 to Sles 9 sp3

  • 3140075
  • 18-May-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Netware 6.5 sp5
Sles 9 Linux sp3
Server consolidation and migration tool
The linux box was fully patched from the channel


Migrating data from a Netware 6.5 sp5 server to Linux sles 9 sp3, the mig util would return the above errors.
FFDFFD7 - login denied
FFFDFFFF - invalid username/password
FFFDFFCC - cannot open file (my guess is it is an open file)
Also the following errors were observed in the sys:system\migerror.log on the source Netware server:
'NWSMTS error: Login denied.' (Source Server: PEOPLE1 Path: '' Error: 'fffdffd7' Function: 'NWSMTSConnectToTargetServiceEx'
Migerror.log message: 0xfffdffd7 NWSMTSConnectToTargetServiceEx PEOPLE1)
'NWSMDR error: An invalid connection handle was passed to SMDR.' (Source Server: SKIPPED DATA SETS Path: '' Error: 'fffeffff' Function:'NWSMTSScanDataSetBegin'
Migerror.log message: 0xfffeffff NWSMTSScanDataSetBegin SKIPPED DATA SETS)
'NWSMTS error: Unable to open a data stream.' (Source Server: PEOPLE Path:'/media/nss//' Error: 'fffdffcc' Function:'NWSMTSWriteDataSet'
Migerror.log message: 0xfffdffcc NWSMTSWriteDataSet PEOPLE PEOPLE1 /media/nss//)
This last error would happen for every file/dir on the source Netware server. This happened because the user doing migration was failing to login to the target Linux box correctly. Enabling tsafs logging on the Linux target box yielded the following:
40e97bb0:FS_InitFileSystemInterfac[00085]: zRootKey failed. ret: 00004e21.
40e97bb0:FS_RestoreInitScan [00645]: zOpen failed. ret 00004e53
The /var/log/messages file on the Linux box showed numerous errors with the users trying to do the migration.


Created a new user and the migration worked. Possibly a dsrepair may have helped as well.