Server can not ping other hosts by name using PING.NLM

  • 3139745
  • 30-Oct-2007
  • 25-May-2012


Novell NetWare 5.1 SP5

DNS server is configured on Solaris - Bind 8.2
Applied SP5 on NW5.1 with SP4


Server can not ping other hosts by entering hostname or FQDN using PING.NLM
Returned error:"Could not understand hostname as a host name or address. Please make sure NETDB.NLM is loaded and resolf.cfg is configured correctly"


Reported to development

1. Use NETDB.NLM from SP4 for NetWare 5.1
2. Define HOSTS file on the server.

Additional Information

NETDB.NLM is loaded.
SYS:\ETC\RESOLV.CFG point to the correct DNS server.
Server is able to ping hosts via IP address.
With previous version of NETDB.NLM (from SP4) everything works fine.

Formerly known as TID# 10078890