Print attachment option missing in a newly composed mail.

  • 3136014
  • 22-Mar-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 32 bit Client
Novell GroupWise 6.5


When wanting to print newly created mail before sending it, the print dialog box has only an option to print entire mail. There is no option to select what part of the new mail to print.


This is working as designed. The print dialog window is determined by a client settings. If a HTML format is used for opening and reading new mails, the print dialog offers only a selection of installed printer on a workstation. However, if the compose and read mails format is set in Plain text, the print dialog box differs. There is an drop-down menu option for a selection of a printer installed and in lower part also an option for selecting either a message body or an attachment(s) to print.