Timesync shows Cluster Resource servers as being out of sync

  • 3134983
  • 06-Sep-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES)
Novell eDirectory


When getting time synchronization information from dsrepair a cluster server may show up as being out of time synchronization. This happens even though the nodes individually are showing as being in synchronization. The time synchronization report may also, at times, pause on those servers while it tries to contact the clustered server object.


This is a cosmetic error. DSRepair cannot always differentiate between a physical and a cluster resource server. As a result dsrepair tries to get time synchronization information from them all. The cluster resource server is not real so a status is not reported.

As a note the presence of a cluster resource server may vary depending on where the time synchronization report is run. This is normal as well. Even physical servers may or may not show up on a report depending on which other servers the reporting server has stored in its directory or has communicated with recently.

From an eDirectory standpoint, the important thing is that the physical servers report the same, correct time consistently to eDirectory. A similar cosmetic issue may exist when servers that are showing the same time intermittently say they are "not in sync". eDirectory only cares if the times are the same regardless of them reporting as being "in sync".