settings not working for TCPIP and SNMP

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  • 11-Dec-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 6
Novell Open Enterprise Server 1 (OES1) Support Pack 2 NetWare


Parameters loaded with TPCIP in AUTOEXEC.NCF and/or INETCFG are not loaded
Parameters loaded with SNMP in AUTOEXEC.NCF and/or INETCFG are not loaded
When loading CPQWEBAG you will see an error that SNMP is not properly configured or loaded
Compaq Insight Manager shows server as gray (not active)
Tools using SNMP will not be able to reach the server
Packets are routed via server and not via the router

Problem happened after configuring XNTPD on NetWare
Network environment is defined in AUTOEXEC.NCF
INETCFG is not being used to configure network environment


Solution 1:

Use INETCFG to configure network environment.

Solution 2:

1) in timeserv.ncf remark XNTPD and TIMESYNC.

2) in autoexec.ncf load XNTPD after TPCIP and/or SNMP is loaded

Additional Information

When XNTPD is loaded via timeserv.ncf in loadstage 3, it also autoloads TCPIP and SNMP. This will cause problems when you load TCPIP or SNMP later with parameters. This will fail because these modules can not be loaded multiple times.



If you want to change the community strings, you would enter:

LOAD SNMP verbose control=novell monitor=novell

This will be ignored and you community string will public


If you want to disable forward when you have multiple NICs, you will use:

LOAD TCPIP forward=no

This will be ignored and you forward will be enabled.

This problem will not been seen immediately. But if you are using e.g. Compaq Insight Manager and you have a changed community string to read information, CIM will stay gray and no information will be available.

Remember, this will only happen if you are not using INETCFG.