Log on credentials for the Remote Loader Windows service reverts to Local System account

  • 3125973
  • 19-Sep-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Nsure Identity Manager 2.0.x
Novell Identity Manager 3.0
DirXML Remote Loader on Windows


Configured Remote Loader to run as Windows service using specific credentials rather than the Local System account.
Log on credentials for the Remote Loader Windows service reverts to Local System account
When Remote Loader is configured as a Windows service using account credentials other than the Local System account, changing the Remote Loader configuration with the Remote Loader configuration console reverts that Windows service to log on with the Local System account.

For example

  1. Stop the Remote Loader and change the trace level using the Remote Loader console.
  2. Start up the Remote Loader instance again. The driver service has now changed back to using the local system account.


There are two ways to get around this issue:

1) Modify the Remote Loader configuration file directly

  • Stop the service running the Remote Loader instance that needs to be modified using the Services control manager
  • Edit the configuration file in a text editor
  • Restart the service using the Services control manager

2) Change the configuration dynamically using the command-line

  • Open a command window
  • Refer to the Remote loader documentation for commands that can change the configuration dynamically

For example, the following command will change the driver trace level dynamically:

dirxml_remote -config -tc 3

Additional Information

When changing the configuration for a Windows based Remote Loader instance, it creates (or recreates) the Windows service when saving the changes. This causes the service to be recreated using the Local System account.
This issue has been logged as Bugzilla 186576 and is fixed in IDM 3.0.1 Remote Loader Console Patch - idm301rlcir1.tgz.

Formerly known as TID# 10101170