iManager RBS plug-in for DNS/DHCP does not assign rights to the required Locator and Group objects

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  • 19-Jul-2006
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 5
Novell iManager 2.5
Role Based Management plug-ins for DNS and DHCP


When you are setting the Scope for a user with the Role Based Management plug-ins for DNS or DHCP you can choose to have the rights automatically assigned.  However, if the Locator object and the Group object do not exist in the branch of the tree where you set the scope the user will not be able to manage DNS or DHCP in that portion of the tree.


You can manually assign rights for the user to the Locator and Group object.  After assigning these rights they will be able to manage DNS or DHCP in that branch of the tree where the scope was set.


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Additional Information


To manage Novell DNS/DHCP Services, administrators require  sufficient NDS rights, depending on the type of operation to be performed.

Administrators who will add new objects and modify existing objects require Add rights to the appropriate NDS container
object.  The following table summarizes rights requirements for creating new configuration objects and modifying existing objects.

DNS/DHCP Objects     Object Rights        All Property Rights
----------------              -------------        -------------------
Locator object                Browse               Supervisor
Group object                  Browse               Supervisor
Existing objects               Supervisor          Supervisor

Administrators who manage a given set of DHCP subnets or DNS zones require rights to create or delete IP addresses, ranges of addresses, or resource record sets. The following table lists the rights requirements of administrators who perform these tasks.

DNS/DHCP Objects     Object Rights                  All Property Rights
----------------            ----------------------       -------------------
Locator object              Browse                            Read
Group object                Browse                            Read
Existing objects             Browse, Create, Delete    Supervisor

Administrators or users who need to view DNS/DHCP configuration  require rights as summarized in the following table.

DNS/DHCP Objects     Object Rights       All Property Rights
----------------             -------------       -------------------
Locator object               Browse              Read
Group object                 Browse              Read
Existing objects              Browse              Read