Launching the Novell Client32 login from the system try causes a VPN

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  • 21-Nov-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Windows XP Service Pack 2
Novell Client32 Version 4.91.20051209 (SP2)
Novell BorderManager VPN client 3.8.13
Microsoft Dial UP Networking (Analog Modem, ISDN, DSL)

Installation Procedure:
  • Install Windows XP SP2 English Version
  • Apply all security patches from""
  • Create a Dial - UP Network entry to whatever ISP (I used an analog modem 56K)
  • Install the Novell Client32 SP2 using the typical installation method
  • Reboot the workstation and install the Novell BorderManager Client 3.8.13


The problem that the Novell Login Process causes a VPN and Dial-Up disconnect happens after the following initial login sequence:
  • After the Workstation has been started and and NWGINA prompts for login.
  • use the VPN location profile
  • Enable "Enable Dial-UP" and "Enable login"
  • after you logged in using the complete sequence
  • run a ping to a protected host
  • while the ping runs launch the Novell Client login from the system tray

The Novell Client32 login process clears up the VPN and Dial-Up connection even when not configured to clear any connection.


This issue has bee addressed to engineering


Reported to Engineering