Sentinel: Login Failure due to time out

  • 3124012
  • 25-Mar-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
RedHat Linux
Solaris 9
Sentinel 5.1.x
Sentinel 6.0.xx


Login failure due to timeout.


Login failure due to timeout.

Possible Cause (1):
configuration.xml is mis-configured. Check the configuration.xml for proper IP address/hostname to Sentinel Server (sonic brokerURL, this is in two places).

Possible Cause (2):
Communication layer (Sonic) is not running.
To start Sonic
1. (For Unix) Login as user esecadm, run:
ps ef | grep –i sonic

If there isn't an instance of Sonic, you can start Sonic by entering

2. (For Windows), in the Services Window, start eSecurity Communications.
If you cannot get Sonic Started, run the following script and restart Sonic.

For Windows, a lock may be present. Go to %ESEC_HOME%\sentinel\scripts and run:

For Solaris, two lock files may be present. Go to $ESEC_HOME/sentinel/scripts/ and run:

Possible Cause (3):
Database password is changed. Use the dbconfig utility to change your password. See the e-Security Reference Manual – Data Access Service for more information.

Possible Cause (4):
(For Windows) DAS_Query may not be connected to Sonic.

To check if DAS_Query is connected to Sonic
1. Start > Programs > e-Security > SonicMQ > SonicMQ 6.1 > Management Console.
2. Set the domain to "esecDomain” and the Connection URL to "tcp://localhost:10012”.
3. Click OK, Management Console should connect to the Sonic broker.
4. Click on the "Manage” tab. In the tree on the left, select Containers > esecContainer > esecBroker > Connections.
5. Click on the Identity column to sort by Identity name. If DAS_Query is connected to Sonic, you’ll see two DAS_Query’s in the list.
If you don’t see DAS_Query in the list, then that means either DAS_Query is not running or it not pointing to the right Sonic broker. Check the configuration.xml file to make sure it’s pointing to the right Sonic Broker. Also check the bottom of the configuration.xml to make sure the DAS_Query process’s"min_instances” property is set to one ("1”). If it’s set to zero, watchdog is will not attempt to start DAS_Query. If the configuration.xml file looks fine, check the DAS_Query log file in $ESEC_HOME/sentinel/bin for errors.

The Sonic Management Console is also available on Linux and Unix platforms. Alternatively it may be easier to use the list_broker_connections script included with Sentinel 6. Run this script with the host and port information of the Sonic server for parameters:

cd $ESEC_HOME/bin
./ sonicServerNameOrIP 10012

The output can be redirected to a file for convenient collection to be reviewed later or sent to a colleague.