GroupWise System Preferences Nickname Settings do not work properly

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  • 07-Apr-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ConsoleOne 1.3.6
Novell GroupWise 7


In a GroupWise 7.0 SP1 IR1 system, 12-14-2006 build (but not likely limited to this version) and snapins, when you set the System Preferences in Consoleone, Nickname settings, to auto-create on User
Move and expire after 1 day and you then move USER1 from PO1 to PO2 the
nickname gets auto-created fine, but when you attempt to move the user back to
PO1 after the expiration date and time passed, you get the below error:

"GroupWise move USER1, A move error occured. The object already exists. Non
Unique name (oxDB08)"
Steps to Duplicate:
1. Have a functional GW 7.0 SP1 ir1 12-14-2007 system and ConsoleOne snapins
with 2 Post Offices working.
2. Have a user, lets say, USER1 in PO1.
3. Set the nickname settings in ConsoleOne, by, Tools, GroupWise System
Operations, Nickname Settings. Choose Auto-Create on User Move set to ALWAYS
and EXPIRE AFTER set to 1 DAY.

4. Move USER1 from PO1 to PO2. When this move completes you will notice that
the nickname got created properly and has the expiration date of basically 24
hrs from when you moved the user.

5. Wait 24 hrs and when the expire date and time of the nickname has passed,
then try to move the user back to PO1. You will get the error listed.


This is working as designed.   You must purge expired objects first.  Go to
Tools|GroupWise Utitilities| Expired Records, delete the desired user.   You can then move the user.