Migrating from IDM 3 to IDM 3.0.1, in process resource request tasks might fail to display

  • 3118663
  • 11-Sep-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager Identity Manager 3.0
Novell Identity Manager Identity Manager 3.0.1


Unfinished tasks can fail to display after you upgrade from Identity Manager 3.0.0 to Identity Manager 3.0.1.


To work around the problem, complete the following before installing IDM 3.0.1:
  1. Stop the jboss application server and delete thejboss/server/IDMProv/workdirectory.

  2. If you have already installed Identity Manager 3.0.1, stop the jboss server and then delete the jboss/server/IDMProv/work directory.

    The jboss server must not be running while you delete the work folder.