Full license view of a license and it's associated products and Purchase data

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  • 26-Sep-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 7.5 Asset Management - ZAM7.5


We need a report that will allow customers and NTS to get a full view of a license and its associated discovered products and purchase data.


Fixed in ZENWorks Asset Management Interim Release 5

Interim Releases can be scheduled to run automatically or can be downloaded manually athttps://download.novell.com. The Interim releases can be set up within the ZAM Manager for the Task server to check the site on a scheduled basis, and download and apply them automatically. Please refer to the Help Section for details of how to set up automatic downloads if desired.

Each interim release is cumulative. If Interim Release 5 is not available due to a newer interim release being placed on the website, be assured that the code needed is in the later release.

Additional Information

On the Software Management Tab, there is a new custom report Type called"Purchase/License/Inventory Infrastructure".
There is also a new canned custom report called "License Infrastructure.
The new category allows you to create a custom report that includes elements of the license and all associated entities (purchase recs, catalog products,discovered products, and discovered product demographics). The new category does not allow summary items (such as license count).
The idea is to provide a way to view the data you have created to manage software compliance. This is not for compliance reporting - it is for reviewing your infrastructure, and verifying that your have organized things correctly. Workstation particulars have been intentionally been left out of the view, because including them would lead to a huge report. The canned report provided gives the basic view relating licenses to other entities.