Sentinel Quick Query or View Triggered Alerts taking a long time

  • 3111285
  • 02-Nov-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Microsoft SQL 2000 sp3a
Microsoft SQL 2005


Quick Query is taking a long time to return data


Quick query / View triggered event is taking a long time.

  1. Change the log level to ALL/FINE in das_query_log.prop.
  2. Look for "Execution Time(sec):” in the log file to look for queries that took a long time. Example record looks like this: "das_query0.5.log:Tue Jun 0717:12:03 PDT2005|Thread-20711|FINE|Execution Time(sec): 1,735.37||||esecurity.base.query.db.BaseJDBCQuery|executeSelect|”
  3. For Threads that took a long time to execute, look further up to trace down the actual query.
  4. Run the actual query against the database, check if it takes a long time to return data. Meanwhile find out what the Execution Plan is for this query.
  5. If the query against DB is slow as well, find out the index information on related tables.
  6. Please return the execution plan to esecuritysupport for review.